Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Road Ride in Bozeman February 2009

My friend John Friedrich took me on a great early spring road ride around the north end of Bozeman on Tuesday.
We pushed about 30 miles into the rolling foothills of the Bridger Mountains. The tour took us through rambling ranches and horse farms skirting the hills.

We each took our fixed gear bikes: John his Specialized Langster with a 42x16 set up, and me with my Fausto-Coppi set at 42x15. We had a ball on a beautiful spring day.

It started with a last minute message from John on my Blackberry and ended as any reasonable people would, on the bar top of a local watering hole.

In the middle, John schooled me on our first uphill challenge, then I finally caught up. In the process of tracking him down I screamed by a poor stunned dude on a geared thing. Vroom, vroom! Most of the ride was level, or gradually up/down. The scenery was spectacular.

See the Trimble Allsport GPS map of the ride here:

And be sure to catch the quick video of the ride at the bottom of the page.

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Singletrack Mind said...

That's hands down one of my favorite rides, especially on a fixie, and the hill up Summer Cutoff is a perfect little beastie.

If John was only a couple minutes late, he must've left earlier than normal.