Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Trimble Outdoor's Allsport GPS for Blackberry

A few months back I downloaded a new app for my Blackberry.  Called Allsport GPS, it's from Trimble Outdoor, the well-known GPS manufacturer.

I'd hoped to use it as a training monitor for road riding.  In theory you would let it snyc with the satellites, then hit the "Start" button and ride.  After you finish the ride, you hit "Stop," and it uploads your workout to a private website.  The software promised to record an exact replica of the trip in map form compatible with Google maps and Goodle Earth.  It would also record speed, distance, and altitude moment by moment for the ride.  All for about $50 a year!  With this I could forgo the expensive bike mounted computers and just keep my current Vetta.  I always take my phone with me anyway, so it was a no brainer to at least try it out.  

For the first few months I had difficulty getting it to sync tot he satellites.  Trimble support was fast, but never got to the bottom of the problem.  So I went frustrated last season.  Then this January my Blackberry broke and I got a new one.  Low and behold... the thing suddenly works.

I'll probably do a better review at some point, but wanted to report this right away.  I rode 30 miles around Bozeman today and Allsport logged the entire journey perfectly. ... well almost.  It clocked me doing 55 miles per hour at one point.  I'm thinking that's not quite right.

Anyway, take a peek.

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